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Setting the Climate

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Determining the Extent of Human Influence

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Has global warming stopped, paused, or slowed down?

In the early part of the 21st century,

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Could these changes be natural?

The large changes in global temperature and atmospheric

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Are There Measurements that Challenge the Consensus?

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What is Climate Unplugged?

Climate Basics

Understanding what we see Climate change is not a recent phenomenon; it has been occurring for billions of years. Climate science aims to figure out the forces that change climate over the seasonal (winter to summer) to geological (ice age to hothouse). It incorporates the investigation of the physical, chemical, and biological processes that drive

Climate Effects

Peering into a hazy future Scientists can’t yet say with certainty how climate change will proceed in the future, or how it impact our day-to-day lives. This is because translating changes in global temperature to trends in local weather and environmental conditions continues to be a challenge. Here in ‘The Effects,’ we look at what


Reconciling competing claims The public debate about climate science is rife with facts and authoritative arguments supporting almost any perspective on the most interesting questions about the human influence on climate change and its potential effects. Developing a broad and nuanced view of climate science requires that we consider the most challenging arguments, ask if


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